FAIL: How Not To Claim World Records

In the IT industry marketing, overclocking results are known to be an easy tool to draw attention to the quality of your product. More often than not, these world record claims are misplaced, questionable or at least highly debatable. This time 'round, however, it's just incorrect information.

Check out this video. First of all, the title says "AMD 3DMark11 Performance World Record", but they are using 4 Nvidia GTX 570 cards. Oh well, using 'AMD' is a tad confusing, but definitely not inaccurate. Secondly, they are claiming to have broken the 3DMark11 Performance world record with an AMD CPU. Well ... not really. In the video, you can see their highest score to be 12481. However, on December 10th 2010, AMD-guru Chew* scored 12708 with 3x (!) GTX 480 and an AMD Thuban 1100T. Oh, and even 12769 if you check the Futuremark ORB. Marketing, eh? (shakes head)

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