Short downtime: HWBOT server upgrade

please_stand_by_41.jpg A short newspost to inform you that HWBOT will be down for roughly 30 minutes later today. Around 2PM GMT+2, the server will receive a second hardware upgrade. This time, we will be installing extra memory and a second processor.

With the extra computing power, we expect the Rev4 builds to install a lot faster. Currently, it takes about 8 hours to completely rebuild HWBOT (eg: public UAT test server).

Thanks for your understanding and years of support :).

The HWBOT staff.


Germany Hyperhorn says:

That's the old "Evga SR-2 meets Wprime tweak" actually: System not fast enough? Just put in an additional CPU and see the magic. ;) The forum is online again - done with the update?

Italy rsannino says:

need some 'of nitrogen? XD ;)

Austria Turrican says:

good to see the upgrade didn't take too long. :)

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

Tnx Overclocking of server is good:d With SR-2 and a Both of X5690 you can stable @ 4.5GHZ on air:p

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