AMD Officially Denies Bulldozer Delay, But ...

Not the most reliable website, but this story seems to check out with other rumours floating around the web. Delay, delay, delay. Sadly enough, rumours about Sandy Bridge-E are not so positive either.

In order to get to the bottom of this story, we have contacted Mr. Drew Prairie and Mr. Steve Howard, AMD's PR representatives close to the heart of the matter. We inquired about the statement Rick Bergman made and received the following answer:

"Our public roadmap has not changed."

So what is AMD planning here? A big paper launch to infuriate forums even more with customers eager to get a new high-end chip of the processor underdog? Standard PR tactics to make people go crazy over rumors similar to how Apple does it with their upcoming products? At this point we have no hard info to state "AMD delayed the much-awaited desktop version of Bulldozer." The thing is though, that there is plenty of indication, that at least some things are going wrong. Even though AMD representatives said that "Our public roadmap has not changed," the fact is that AMD's public roadmap has Bulldozer launch pegged for 2011. Then again, if the Bulldozer is really delayed, strong words from AMD executives to financial analysts may not be worth much then - after all, the CEO and SVP are saying the platform is on track.

At this point, to us this sounds more like "Sheesh there is nothing to see here, move along."

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