YoungPro & Dinos22 play 3DMARK2001 with Z68X-UD4

High-quality video from last week's bench session of Team.AU!

Youngpro came over to my place last weekend for some 3DMARK2001SE fun as HWBOT launched new GIGABYTE Super Tuner Contest based on '01. I think everyone should go check it out as 3DMARK01 got a second wind with this extremely efficient Sandy Bridge platform now and scores are pretty sweet. We all know how much fun '01 can be.

Here is the competition link (3 different GPU categories to compete in with prizes for each one):

James and I had a great time despite murdering a couple of MSI GTX275 Lightning cards. We saw some incredible frames so its a matter of finding an older 200 series card again so we can show what this Z68X-UD4 can really do It was a really sad day Saturday as one of those cards was the magic 1375/1440Mhz card i used to clinch a record a few weeks ago with a weaker CPU. It was looking mighty nice during quick testing session friday night but disaster struck the next day.

GTX580SOC card provided a lot of fun for us as they behave differently to 200 series cards in 01 and even though Nvidia don't care and update their drivers for 3DMARK01 we still managed to get some nice benching going regardless. NVIDIA fix the drivers please, we want a return of the 500-series king in best 3D benchmark of all time!

I guess one conclusion after the weeked also was the GIGABYTE Z68 boards are also very efficient in 3DMARK01 which I'm sure a few guys were interested in finding out about

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