Overclockers.com Benching Party II: Philadelphia, PA – June 17-19, 2011

Very cool to see a follow-up event hosted by the 'clockers over at OCForums! Move your family holiday, take a few sick days at work, tell your sister you just can't attend her wedding ... this is the event to be! Check out the article for more information.

As the weather heats up, Overclockers.com is preparing to cool it down with some LN2, dry ice and some extreme overclocking. After the huge success of the first annual benching party, the team has decided to hold the second annual Overclockers.com Benching Party in Philadelphia, PA this June. For the first time ever, the party will be open to the public.

The OCF Benching Team, ranked #11 in the world on HWBOT, is gathering once again to take their CPUs, GPUs and other hardware to the extreme. By using liquid nitrogen, world-class hardware enthusiasts will be overclocking to the max. Using this cold compound will eliminate the worry about temperatures shifting the focus to tweaking hardware as far as possible. Attendees will team up to get the most out of their components by sharing knowledge, insight and troubleshooting tips. Many of the benchers in attendance will be shooting for world record scores on HWBOT or personal best frequencies on their CPUs.

Extensive knowledge or background in overclocking is not a prerequisite. Veteran overclockers will be glad to help get your feet wet in exciting world of extreme cooling and the intricacies of how to overclock.

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