How to make LN2 cooler for CPU (SF3D OC Inflection Point production video)

Pretty cool video! Nice to see how the SF3D OC Inflection Point is shaped from copper block to useful LN2 cooling device!

This video is ment to show you how SF3D OC Inflection point Ln2 cooler for modern CPU's are made. Base is pure copper and upper part is aluminium. This way the useless mass can be removed from upper walls. Inner base structure is unique and propably the most powerfull design nowadays, cause Ln2 bubbles will not get stuck on the walls and there is enough room to expand.

If you are interested to buy one of these products, just contact the e-mail which is in the end of video. If you have any kind of questions, do not hesitate to ask.

If you wan't to see the performance of this product, see my other videos, where this Ln2 cooler is used.

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