First official picture of MSI's N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition

3GB memory - I wonder if it limit the memory OC capabilities

MSI is getting ready to launch its insane version, sorry, Xtreme Edition version of the N580GTX Lightning and VR-Zone has scored the first official picture of the new graphics card. MSI has pulled out all the stops this time around and this should be one of the most powerful single GPU graphics cards out there.

MSI hasn't changed too much with regards to the physical appearance of the card, although the fan shroud is now black instead of gunmetal grey and the fans are blue. The box as announcing dust removal tech although the fan blades are actually the same as on the N580GTX Lighting, so we're not quite sure what have changed. Apparently MSI has also added some new kind of smart thermal sensor which is meant to prevent the card from overheating when overclocked.

However, none of this makes it an Xtreme Edition card and the real selling point of the new card is that it comes with a massive 3GB of GDDR5 memory. Sadly we don't know the clock speeds of the new card, but we'd expect them to be close to that of the non Xtreme Edition version. The card should launch sometime between now and Computex.

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