Benchtec's Spring LN2 meeting @ The Batcave

UK's #1 overclocking team is having an LN2 meeting next week. That means: beer, livestream, beer, awkward livestream, beer, very awkward livestream, beer, overclocking and so on.

Attending overclockers: BazX, Hivizman, El Gappo, Vento1, ARandomOWL, Topdog, Greed4speed, ScooterJay, Georgestorm, Kitfit1, Thanh55, EvOcarlos, Dualist and Barron_Greenback.

Check out for more information:


Belgium Massman says:

Reserving frontpage livestream action :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

wtf is Stella ? some liquid cooling product ?

Mr Moose says:

Leeghoofd said: wtf is Stella ? some liquid cooling product ?

Type of lager.

Austria Turrican says:

nice, i'm looking forward to the livestream. :)

Christian Ney says:

Massy, akward doesn't exist, it's awkward

United Kingdom topdog says:

Leeghoofd said: wtf is Stella ? some liquid cooling product ?

Stella is a body cooling product, easier to swallow than LN2

looking forward to it

United Kingdom Dualist says:

It's gonna be awesome :D

Canada Vinster says:

I wish we had these kinds of events in Canada. lots of fun going on, on that side of the pond... what time does the live stream start?

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

10am saturday morning if all goes well :)

Germany stummerwinter says:

Nice! Have fun, keep your systems cold and dry!

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:

subscribed :)

United States G H Z says:

Stella? No Newcastle or Fullers? Boooo :p

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Looking forward to the stream, sadly they have no real beers on that island :p

United Kingdom Dualist says:


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