MSI – MOA 2011 – APAC Finals dates and facts

Nice info!

Along computex preparations, vendors that are involved in OC Competitions are also working on their upcoming live finals.

We have been told today by MSI that they are working intensively on the APAC live finals preparation and event though all details can’t be released yet about this Asian live finals for qualification to the MOA 2011 WW Finals, we are today able to reveal you a few facts.

The date has been decided and should not change. MSI has told us about the 7th of July. Overclockers and media will be invited from the 6th to the 9th according to the following previsionary schedule. 6/07 : Arrival of Contestants & Media, 7/07 : Competition Day, 8/07 : Panel Discussion Day, 9/07 : Departure.

MSI has decided to have their APAC live finals in Jakarta, Indonesia. This place off course sounds familiar to some of us as Gigabyte was holding their APAC qualifiers finals for the GOOC last year in this very same city. It appears of course to be a good choice as the city of Jakarta represents a strategic marketplace for vendors to target their consumers.

We also have been told about the venue. The competition should take place in the Hotel where the Contestants and Media will be living during their 3 nights in Jakarta. “LeGrandeur Hotel“. This cosy place in town will for sure be a nice venue for these finals and we are looking forward to spend a few days there. Check out a few pics of it (courtesy of LeGrandeur Hotel site)

Right now the final list isn’t known as local finals and live finals are still going on in Asia. But what is already sure is that 12 Teams will be competing in Jakarta.

As the rules should be similar to the ones in EMEA in our opinion, a few things could be different as for the APAC finals, Master Giorgio won’t be the head judge. There will be another person in charge of that duty for the APAC finals.

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