GIGABYTE employee victim of hacking or AMD product leak prank?

Hm ... maybe Colin's biggest fan Hondacity has something to do with it. Or all-time GIGABYTE hater Tapakah, perhaps? Or someone who doesn't like the X58A-OC price :-)

We all know hacking is a fact of life, be it for good or bad. However, I don't think the topic of this news relates all that much to hacking.

Colin Brix is a manager at GIGABYTE headquarters here in Taipei and someone I have worked with as a contact for product samples and tech questions for many years. From the information we have seen so far, he seems to be the victim of a fairly serious prank today and one that the Taiwanese motherboard maker is taking very seriously.

A website by the name of Rumor Pedia claimed to be have sent a screenshot by someone named Kirllos who managed to 'infiltrate' GIGABYTE's internal work network using "mega-d botnet". Mind you, this bot was disabled by security company FireEye back on November 6, 2009, according to sources on Wikipedia. This screenshot is filled with a vast amount of inconsistencies relating to 'leaked' details about an upcoming processor from AMD. It also showed benchmarks using popular tests such as Super PI and others. This type of leak by a company employee tends to have very serious consequences, as you can imagine.


Belgium Massman says:

First time I see this kind of 'news' ... must be very, very weird for Colin too.

Belgium Massman says:

Here's the fake screenshot that was posted on the website. Not going to link to the website ... no need to create extra traffic :)

United States Hondacity says:

here is one of the biggest accounts in youtube... hacked 2 days ago... sp1m is fast...sheet

United States Voidn says:

Those are some nice pi times if its true. If it scales with cold it will be more fun than SB :).

TaPaKaH says:

I think that screenshot is fake, on many levels.

Germany BenchBros says:

IF it's true theese are damn fast scores! AMD back for WR's ? :D

Belgium Massman says:

No, it's fake.

Germany Hyperhorn says:

No, it's faker than fake! :eek:;)

Czech Republic OBR says:

something is right ... something is wrong

Frequency of that model is right (2.8 MHz), but Turbo is not ... HT Link speed is wrong, bus speed too ..., caches are wrong, max TDP is right, name of that Giga mobo is wrong, and results ... :) completely wrong ...

Iran Amin_CaraGT2 says:

WR super pi = AMD ---------- very nice Hicookie & NickShih overclock Amd :d

United States Hondacity says:

Massman said: No, it's fake.

if its fake...must be from Collin marketting stuff again... this is just lame marketting..

Belgium Massman says:

Hahaha! :D

United States Hondacity says:

no memory tab, screenshot is not acceptable for 2d submission. check your pm box. i'd love to hear your opinion lol. this time i won't make a thread of it unless you make one lol.

Bulgaria GunGod says:

Hondacity said: no memory tab, screenshot is not acceptable for 2d submission.


United States sin0822 says:

that is messed up, i am glad its fake.

Indonesia placid says:

1M sub 8S with AMD... maybe 5 year again :p

Australia T_M says:

Am i the only person thinking that Colin wouldn't even know how to run SuperPI let alone want to?

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