Leaked slide explains AMD's 2011 processor line-up, no Phenoms included

I'm ready. Are you?

As you might know, in June AMD will introduce its Zambezi (FX-Series) and Llano (A-Series) processors and thus 'complete' its VISION 2011 family which also includes the previously-released C-Series and E-Series APUs (Ontario and Zacate).

Once everything is out in the open, AMD's main offering will look like the slide below, with three series of chips going from just one x86 core (the C-30 and E-240) up to eight cores (the FX-8100 models). The A-Series, C-Series and E-Series are made up of APUs (accelerated processing units) which feature x86 cores and DirectX 11 graphics on the same die, while the FX-Series is comprised of graphics-free CPUs that utilize the new Bulldozer architecture.

The A-Series (codename Llano) APUs will have two or four 'Stars' x86 cores, and integrated graphics with 160 (Radeon HD 6410), 320 (Radeon HD 6530) or 400 (Radeon HD 6550) Stream Processors. These chips are manufactured on 32nm technology and have a TDP of up to 100W.

The high(er)-grade FX-Series (Zambezi) CPUs are also 32nm parts but they pack 4, 6 or 8 cores, up to 8MB of L3 cache, and have a TDP of up to 125W. More official info about all these chips is coming in June so hold on tight and don't upgrade just yet.

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