SuicidePhoenix wins GIGABYTE Initial K Contest, crazy finish to the tightest battle on HWBOT yet!

Strong competition finish!

HWBOT.ORG held the GIGABYTE Initial K Contest based on Intel Sandy Bridge platform in April. It just finished with a thrilling final day of continuous lead changes.

In the final day of the competition, Predator from Spain was the first to take the lead, followed by Mad222. At this point it looked like Mad was going to take it out but the fat lady didn’t sing just yet. Out of nowhere come SuicidePhoenix from Germany and Coolbits from Italy and leave the final score deadlocked at 48 points each with some blistering runs over 5.9GHz with P67A-UD7 and P67A-UD5.

SuicidePhoenix won due to submitting winning submissions earlier than Coolbits (doesn’t always pay to leave it till the end heh).

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