Nacho_arroyo shows off the power of X58A-OC with 7052MHz OC on a retail 980X

Nacho just opened another can of whoopass! Regardless of the used hardware, this Argentinian top-overclocker has been benching at quite a high level lately. Expecting him in top-20 or even top-10 shortly!

Argentinian overclocker nacho_arroyo got a new motherboard recently, namely X58A-OC, and broke his old PB overclock he previously held with the X58A-UD9. The new frequency is a massive 7052MHz on a retail Core i7 980X, wow!

To find out more about the world’s first dedicated OC motherboard visit this page!


Argentina fuchinnix says:

sin palabras nacho!!!congratulations

Brazil Rbuass says:

Nacho for president ;)
Congratz friend... you really got the best chips (is the same or another one?)

Argentina rhpsystems says:

Proud to have you on my team Nacho, golden chip btw

Argentina Pekalion says:

vamos nacho c@rajo!!!! :D

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Thanks at all, is the same chip regards

Argentina zabit says:

KE HDP!!! :O Besos!!!

Argentina Ariel.F says:

love nachos , con cheddar :)

United States sin0822 says:

you did an excellent job, is this the same CPU that you used on the UD9?

Chile Gu!ll3rm0x says:

Muy bien Nacho!!! un saludo de MADBOXPC.COM!!! ;)

Argentina zabit says:

Te manda saludos el Reventador !! :D

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