Video: Another OCA World Record by Splave

Can't believe I never saw this video. Only 1:40 long, but excellent view on how overclockers react to a new high score!


kikicoco1334 says:

that's splave dentlord and romdominance!

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:

Fun times :)

United States Splave says:

haha sorry for finger ;) OCGMJ pouring for me like a boss.

Australia Dinos22 says:

LOL you guys arent much different from us Aussies, heheheh

OC's all about fun :D

so was this a W.R. or something like the video says? i thought it was past 10K already a few weeks ago

Belgium Massman says:

Think it was a WR back then. IIRC, this was after the MOA Americas finals.

Australia Dinos22 says:

oh ok i thought this was a recent video

United States Brian y. says:

those were super early release ES 580 lightnings....

They were such early samples that they had hard mods on them(not to make them better just work in general:p )

They had that card flying that day.:)

That was also the same day we were ocing on sandy bridge with the Israeli Intel Design team standing there to prod their heads about it as we went along.

Good times for sure:)

United States G H Z says:

I wish they woulda let us run those the day before :p

United States Hondacity says:

i didn't know you were there maxi... would have been great to meet an hwbot staffer lol

United States G H Z says:

i was benching with Gat lol

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