Intel to bundle Liquid Cooling with Retail Sandy Bridge-E Processors?

No need to put a question mark behind that sentence. Kinda explains why Intel was so interested about feedback on Corsair's H70 cooling solution ...

At a recent Intel Developer Forum 2011 conference held in Beijing China, Benjamin Gould (Applications Engineer) and Dan Ragland (Staff Hardware Engineer) discussed past, present and the future of overclocking. While their focus relied on truly impressive overclocking capabilities of Sandy Bridge processors for both desktops and notebooks, one slide caught our attention.


Eeky NoX says:

Hehe I was wandering when it'll come. But it seems to be an H50 on the picture here...

Australia Dinos22 says:

yeah H50 in the pic, hopefully they use H70 it is a bit better. I use it in my 24/7 rig actually and my "air" testing rig hehehe, it's great :)

France ovme says:

Corsair is a good hydro H50 series and AMD socket AM2/AM3 1156/1366/775 I currently use the socket i5-2500K 1155 here are the current temperature: Core 0: 23 core 1: 27 core 2: 26 core 3: 27 :)

TaPaKaH says:

if that's true, I wonder what the retail box is going to be like ? :D

United States dumo says:

If SB-E have the same freq. clock in the cpu, it will needs binning like 2600K today....then I will have a stack full of Corsair H50:)

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