Gigabyte cancels P67 program – moves 100% to Z68

Kitguru isn't the most trustworthy website, I guess, but this time they might be onto something. I heard this rumour before and it makes perfect sense to discontinue the P67/H67 chipset for Z68 since Z68=P67+H67. The only thing I'm worried about, however, is that maybe the BIOS support for the P67 boards might hurt from this.

Having shown off a very early board at the start of March 2011, at CeBIT in Hannover – it was known that Gigabyte was far down the line with its research into the new technology. The huge upheaval caused by the total recall of initial Sandy Bridge products seems to have helped the mainboard maker make a decision about its future direction.

Straight to Z68, do not pass go and do not order any more of those P67 chip things.

Full details are still not available and if you read the early spec list for Z68, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s nearly identical to the P67.

Well, for one, it will see Asus get a nice little kick. The Gigabyte P67 boards that are already in the channel – are the last that were ever made. No new stocks of P67 have been ordered by Gigabyte and none are in production. So companies wishing to order P67 in any kind of bulk, may well switch to Asus or MSI or Asrock or someone else.

On the other hand, you enthusiasts are a fickle bunch who get drawn to the new/shiny stuff nice and early – so maybe Gigabyte is doing the right thing by pushing all of its enthusiast class mainboard products to a new chipset ahead of the competition.


Belgium Massman says:


The industry reports about GIGABYTE cancelling all P67 projects and moving 100% to next gen Intel 6 series chipset models are misleading and unfounded. GIGABYTE will continue producing P67 chipset motherboards until the end of 2011, and the H67 models are expected to be available well into 2012. However, it is true that GIGABYTE is aggressively preparing a full range of motherboards based on next gen Intel 6 series chipsets for the enthusiast, power user and mainstream market segments. These models will boast all the rich features available from Intel’s latest chipset and CPU offerings together with some exciting new GIGABYTE proprietary technologies.

We appreciate the excitement and enthusiasm regarding GIGABYTE’s next generation 6 series chipset motherboards, and look forward to a quick ramp in the weeks and months to come.


TaPaKaH says:

I hope this doesn't mean that they will stop updating BIOSes for their "old" boards ... those still need a lot of work to get anywhere near "usable"

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Ain't that the truth Sam!

United States G H Z says:

Sam OCX said: I hope this doesn't mean that they will stop updating BIOSes for their "old" boards ... those still need a lot of work to get anywhere near "usable"

If they're not usable by now they never will be. Hmm new chipset, gosh it must be time to upgrade!

Christian Ney says:

P67 seems more and more a pretest of the future...

We are the test test

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

we are the sheeeeple

Austria Hampti says:

should we stay or should we go......
very interested the way of GB. and i'm more interested how good the new z68 are.

United States Hondacity says:

maybe not gigabyte....but perhaps evga?

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