Intel to Bid Farewell to LGA1366 with Core i7-995X Extreme Edition

Doesn't make any sense to release another 995X chip. The 990X was already launched silently and is pretty much the same silicon quality as 980X.

Intel is preparing its next high-end/enthusiast desktop platform for release in Q4 2011. That platform will be driven by a new socket, the LGA2011, and the new Intel X79 Express chipset. Before that, Intel will give its 2-year old current enthusiast platform, the LGA1366 and X58 Express, a fitting farewell with a new high-end processor model, the Core i7-995X Extreme Edition. The i7-995X is a six-core processor based on the 32 nm "Gulftown" silicon. It features a default clock speed of 3.60 GHz (27 x 133 MHz), 3.86 GHz max Turbo, though the BClk multiplier is unlocked to help with overclocking.

The six x86-64 cores are aided by Intel HyperThreading technology to give the OS a total of 12 logical CPUs (threads) to deal with. The processor features a triple-channel (192-bit wide) DDR3 memory controller, and connects to the X58 chipset over a 6.4 GT/s QuickPath Interconnect link. Intel will launch its new chip some time in Q3 2011, i7-995X is expected to be priced at $999 (in 1000-unit tray quantities), displacing the current SKU at this price, the Core i7-990X Extreme Edition. For now, a lucky few (read: "industry partners") have access to engineering samples.


United States steponz says:

Seriously... whats the point?

Netherlands wesjuhdabomb says:


Australia Jimbo says:

Well IF you were planning on maxing an x58 build I guess..... Really does seem rather pointless at this stage... Who's going to buy one knowing LGA2011 is just around the corner?

Netherlands wesjuhdabomb says:

Well.. If this cpu reaches something like Dell or HP.. 995 sounds higher than 990 conclusion for normal customer = its faster. even over a year they should be able to sell that, just if you sell it as high end (still is ofcourse) but if never told, most people won't know that 2011 even exist

TaPaKaH says:

flagship CPUs always have their own stable little market ... 133MHz speed bump isn't something the noobs are going to complain about

Eeky NoX says:

Remember the E8700 not so long time ago ;) But here you gat to buy three of them ^^

Canada Vinster says:

they probably didn't get their money's worth out of the 32nm die's to just stop now.

Netherlands diezel says:

who needs a new 1366 cpu ?
whats the point? 980x 990x and now a 995x it is money for Intel

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Well, why not? It's not like we're forced to buy:D If anything, this will make 980x even cheaper.

United States steponz says:

Doubful on price.. 980 is still 999 and I think the 975 is still around the same price... they should always drop procs as a new one comes out..

United States Splave says:

isnt there 996 too?

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