T_M shows how to remove HS from GTX580 GPU

Good instruction video for removing the heatspreader!

T_M did a quick video to show others how easy it is to remove the stock HS from GeForce GTX580 graphics cards. Don’t try this at home if you aren’t confident about doing this and remember it will void your warranty!


TiN says:

Gains not worth risk of damaging die afm :)

Australia T_M says:

To be honest TiN i dont see how anyone can claim it risks damaging the die more than using an AMD card (they dont use IHS). What makes you think it is risky?

United States Hondacity says:

it didn't even reach 130c....

so its prolly ok :D

Canada Vinster says:

but what is the cooling gain by doing this really?

Australia Dinos22 says:

Vinster, according to some guys on xs it might help card clocking with GPus that have a really bad HS mount to core, T_M's one actually doesn't look too good

like T_M said, unless there is something Nvidia does differently to ATI, there really should be no reason why it would be risky

Australia T_M says:

Its more so about reducing the number of thermal interfaces between core and pot

United States Hondacity says:

its more of dissecting a victim...hannibal lecter

Australia T_M says:

Hahaha yeah my poor video cards never know what is coming until it is too late

United States G H Z says:

That sure popped off easy :p

United States steponz says:

It does help and its low risk.. I have done it on like 7 580's with out an issue.. has helped pretty much on all of them..
Had cards go from 1200 to 1300 easily in 03 ... reference cards... not sure what Tin is talking about..

I usually just heat it up to -90c and just pop it off with pliers.. just have to do it with little force..

Some of the tim between the IHS and die is absolute crap.... so it helps...

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