MSI MOA Benelux 2011 Live Qualifier (amateur footage)

Amateur footage shot at the MSI MOA Benelux 2011 live finals. Video features the participants Leeghoofd, Teemto, Pt1t and Viss. Massman is voice-over and behind the camera. More information on the event:

Check out the HD version at YouTube!


Belgium Teemto says:

Big thanks to the guys from MSI Benelux for their hospitality and in general for making it a fun day.

And no thanks to Massman for witholding important info from his team members ;-)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

I'm pretty sure that info was held back for a reason... I'll be back with my lawyers :p

However I epicly failed in soem parts of the competition (I rather say it myself before some former team captain does :p)

United States Hondacity says:

which is which?

Belgium Teemto says:

- Guy behind the camera is Massman. Lukily you don't have to see him, Ohhhh the horror...
- Guy in blue with poney tail is Viss
- Guy with the safety goggles is Pt1t
- Bearded guy is Leeghoofd
- The one giving Massman the finger is me. Also able to spot me as the only one that's actually working :-)

Belgium Massman says:


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