Voltmodding an old GPU for fun and profit

Being a "bencher", I like to push my computer hardware to the limits and beyond. Nice new six core Intel core i7 Extreme 980x cpu runs at 3.3ghz stock? That's all well and good, but I'd rather run it somewhat over five gigahertz, and compete with plenty of other people in how high I can get the cpu to run. Other benchmarks involve calculating Pi to one million or 32 million digits, and other math things.

In the video card end of things, the benchmarks involve rendering specific scenes either as fast as possible, or with the largest number of frames per second possible. The higher you can overclock, the more frames you can render and the higher your score will be. Overclocking to the extreme limit requires very good cooling, and rather more voltage then the manufacturers want you putting through the cards, that means it's time to bust out the soldering iron and have some fun! Hit Read More for more!


Belgium Massman says:

For those wondering about the author: http://hwbot.org/community/user/bobnova

United States cold.nut says:

sweet stuff Ed! you're my hero

United States steponz says:

Very nice article.... top notch.. :) ... Keep them coming...

United States Bobnova says:

Ha! This was an amusing thing to find here this morning. Thanks!

United States MattNo5ss says:

Quit writing articles and get ready to mod my cards and get them back :p This was a pretty cool find. I recognized the pic and thought "That looks a lot like Bobnova's first vmodded card..." before I even realized you wrote it...lol.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Oldie goldie GPUs FTW.

United States steponz says:

So what exactly is the profit?

United States Bobnova says:

Gold! Raw, unrefined, gloriously shiny gold cup(s)! So far that's pretty much it, really... Wanna buy a modded 6800? :D

United States steponz says:

lol... thats alot of profit... rofl... :)... Keep up the good work...

United States cowgut says:

Those ref. 6800 pcie clock like mad.
no need for solder either with this one.
just use the tp in pcb.
watch thuo if no other mods to cards 1.67 is the cut off....going on 7-8 cards i have done 1.70 with cold air.

560 is ok with a piece of dice on the cooler
just off the top of my head so double check
200k vr's
tp 16
what sucks is i forgot read point oh man let me look around
tp18 core?read
enjoy those cups... cleaning my boards now he he

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