TeamAU livestream OC event coming up this weekend, pencil this one in your diary, a must see!

Uh-oh, the Australians are meeting up again. Frontpage broadcasting!

Dinos22 chimed in on forums to give a heads up to an overclocking event TeamAU is putting together on the weekend. Deanzo, youngpro, bob(nz), Uncle Fester, T_M and dinos22 are flying in around the country and Asia to meet up in Adelaide for this special occasion.

It will be on livestream throughout the weekend at THIS ADDRESS.

Adelaide V8 Supercars race is on at the same time, who knows there might be a report from the track with the grid girls too ...


Australia rdizz says:

wish this was in brissy!

Christian Ney says:

I want an event in swizerland :D

Belgium Massman says:

Christian Ney said: I want an event in swizerland :D

Doesn't take that much: find a room, find LN2 and you have an event.

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Have fun guys , enjoy it and be safe. This picture looks better with you guys clothes ON :D

Christian Ney says:

Massman said: Doesn't take that much: find a room, find LN2 and you have an event.


Room: Library
LN2: University give LN2 for free
Overclockers: . . . . me?

Yeah, hum ok

Then, this week, or next week come and see Christian's event at the university's library.

I will tell you the date, maybe do a livestream(they have a much better internet connexion down there).

btw I am serious

GENiEBEN says:

someone is bad @ paint, dont use RED :)

United States steponz says:

YOu guys suck... why don't you guys come to the us instead of aussiville... rofl....

Belgium leeghoofd says:

kick butt Aussies !!!

Australia Jimba says:

this is going to be good! hope to see some records smashed boys..bring back the Aussie pride! team.Au FTW!

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:


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