NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 Launch Date is March 22

Oh, exciting!

The dust seems to have settled down, after AMD's launch of the Radeon HD 6990, extending the red-team's performance lead previously held precariously by the Radeon HD 5970, to the GeForce GTX 580. It looks like NVIDIA will challenge the performance leadership with GeForce GTX 590, a dual-GPU graphics card that uses two GF110 GPUs (the ones on GTX 570 and GTX 580), for an SLI-on-a-stick solution. Rumors of NVIDIA working on this card became concrete as early as in November 2010, when NVIDIA's reference board became public for the first time.

Latest reports suggest that NVIDIA has chosen March 22 as the launch day of GeForce GTX 590. Incidentally, that is also the launch date of EA/Crytek's much-hyped, initially DirectX 9 action/shooter game, Crysis 2. GeForce GTX 590 uses two GF110, though the shader configuration and clock speeds are not known. Since NVIDIA is chasing the top-spot, you can expect the most optimal configuration for the GF110s. A total of 3 GB (1536 MB per GPU system) on board, and NVIDIA's workhorse PCI-E bridge, nForce 200 will be the traffic cop and radio station between the two GPUs. The card will be able to do 3DVision Surround (NVIDIA's multi-display single head technology comparable to ATI Eyefinity) on its own, without needing a second card.


kikicoco1334 says:

awww so cute! dual chip set up i wonder how well will the 666 slim pot fit on that

TaPaKaH says:

kikicoco1334 said: awww so cute! dual chip set up i wonder how well will the 666 slim pot fit on that
not many pots are going to fit because of the PCIe power placement
also, don't think this is going to be a hwbot hit since two GTX580 (especially non-reference) allow much higher scores in 2xGPU categories and also more hardware boints

Malaysia jai554 says:

i think the card will have dual fan....

United States steponz says:

Going to need some huge heatpipes on that baby... Could always use clamps to put the pots on... Really not going to be worth it though.. 2 cards seem to always score better then 1...

Georgia Fatal Fighter says:

and will be cost about 800$ , I guess

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