Overclockers.com Benchmarking Team win Forum Wars 2011

Congratulations boys!

What better way to flex an overclocking-centric forum’s muscles than with a benchmarking competition! The Raptor Pit and its owner, Raymo, has just put to rest the 9th “Forum Wars” on March 5th. The competition started on February 1st and was a five-way fight between teams from The Raptor Pit, Overclock.net, Overclockers club, Neoseeker.com and (of course) Overclockers.com. Within each team are classes (A through G) that are divided using a handicap system based on the number of cores/threads on the CPU, number of GPU’s and cooling type. Typically Forum Wars uses both 2D and 3D benchmarks which vary between each competition. This year, the benchmarks of choice were Geekbench and Wprime 32M for 2D and 3DMark06 and 3DMark Vantage for 3D. To round out the scoring, an overclocking bonus was available, based on the clock speed of the Wprime 32M run.

After all the dust settled on this year’s competition, Overclockers.com brought the crown back home to its rightful place! Last year our 5 year win streak was broken, but we have won this competition 6 out of the 9 years it has taken place. As well as taking first place overall, the team secured first place in classes A, B and E, second in C, D and G and third in class F. This is a very strong showing from our team, and clearly shows that they are at the top of their game. Special thanks go to Miahallen who organized the team and helped achieve this fantastic result.

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