Cebit 2011 - AMD - Return of the FX with John & Macci

They mention overclocking!


Belgium Massman says:

The interview almost went marketing, but then got straight back on core business: overclocking!


United States G H Z says:

OK, John's a great spokesman but lets talk to macci more next time.

Christian Ney says:

Macci is part of the scenery :p

Netherlands wesjuhdabomb says:

He did answer one question though :P

Belgium Teemto says:

Let's hope the FX-8000 series has some nive OC'ing headroom.

United States Hondacity says:

why is eminem in the video?

Denmark M.Beier says:

It was not planned that Macci should attend the meeting, John suggested it, I did not know he was at CeBIT, and ofcause we agreed with John Taylor on this. But yes, you guys are right, more questions for Macci next time. However, Macci did actually not overclock the FX, he was using Intel back then, hehe.... Made it a bit difficult to ask about his experience ;) The results from the new product, for obvious reasons, he would not comment, even not with camara being off :) However, I was a bit "wow, macci", never meet him before, he is one of those legends I admire the most.

Spain Predator says:

Macci is the best!!

Australia Dinos22 says:

Marc BRO Beier you are getting better at this :D

Australia T_M says:

John should be a politician. Simple questions with drawn out responses avoiding the answers

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