HWBOT Country Cup 2010 features on Romanian TV!

That the HWBOT Country Cup 2010 gathered many overclockers worldwide to fight for the glory of their country is something we already knew. What we didn't know, however, was that this worldwide overclocking competition got featured on a Romanian TV show named Zon@ IT. Here are the two parts cut from the show; in the video you see Monstru of Lab501.ro explaining what this competition is (and probably how Romania was victorious).


Belgium Massman says:

Pretty sweet! :D

Romania Monstru says:

Glad you like it man :D

Austria Turrican says:

awesome. :D

K404 says:

Awesome Tudor, they got your camera-friendly makeup just right :D:D Heh heh nice to see OC get some coverage

Romania Monstru says:

Hehe, besides LAB501 article and romanian national television, I also have an editorial about this in latest PCWorld. So HWBot goes into print yet again. I will upload that page soon :)

Christian Ney says:


btw as I speak italian too, I understood his speaking :D

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