AMD Extends Graphics Performance Lead, Launches World's Fastest Graphics Card... Again!

Okay, sorry for the boring press release on the front-page. The only reason why I wanted to post this article is for the references in that article; specifically reference #1. Go check it out!

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the launch of the fastest graphics card in the world, the AMD Radeon™ HD 6990, packing so much raw performance it delivered a new single graphics card world record score of P11865 in the industry standard 3DMark11 benchmark. AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards are available immediately from retailers worldwide, with select models starting at US $699 MSRP ...


Belgium Massman says:

3DMark11 isn't even that popular on HWBOT; I'd assume the dbase over at would be more accurate.

Oh well, cool anyways! Also good to see the score Romdominance submit ... good benching man!

Finland SF3D says:

Well, I have done the score on default cooler and 6990 were able to hit 1GHz on both cores, which is quite impressive if you ask me. I also have some unigine scores and 06 etc. It can not be cooled with ln2 easily with current pots, cause pci-e power connector is on the way. It is very good card for gamers, that is for sure. Will post results in to HWbot tonight!

Belgium HybridChiller says:

comparing a dual GPU ATI to a Single GPU from nVidia ???

like that i can claim also the fastest card.

Compare dual GPU to a Dual GPU,
single vs single.

Keep it fair. Just wait untill the GTX590 dual GPU comes out and compare it to that one.
nVidia was always the performance man,
ATI is more bang for buck toy.

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