Stummerwinter breaking 3DMark03 WR LIVE @LN2 107% GPU OC

Nice to see a WR on tape!


Denmark riska says:

Nice but how much LOD was used over 5 ?

Australia Dinos22 says:

haha Stum i know that look on your face when run finished, looks very familiar hahah :) nice one man

Germany stummerwinter says:


@Dinos: I still can feel the tensinon when the butterfly landed...:D

This video is the 181k run (with 1575/1300), the 182k we didn't record (with 1625/1300)...

Good that SoF removed the original comments...:D

Australia Dinos22 says:

what software are you using for LOD adjustment?

Germany SoF says:

latest nvinspector ;) That makes 5€ :D

United States G H Z says:

Seeing an '03 run nowdays makes you wish overclockers never accepted LOD, after all, we're all gamers originally, people who thrive on image detail and extreme eye candy. We didn't have a camera over our shoulder back then, no one cared, but if you're running this @ a live demo, what will the people who don't know what's going on think. Maybe it's something to be considered now? Either way this is an amazing achievement, great work fellas.

Belgium Massman says:

Funny you should mention this, Mark. Last week at CeBIT, famous top-gamer Fatality was demoing his skills in one of the Quake games. To improve his aim, he was using ... higher LOD. And the screen was visible for everyone.

Belgium Massman says:

Here's a video demonstrating it: [youtube]HFtgopwiv10[/youtube] (also notice the 'oc your USB to gain FPS'-argumentation)

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