Point of View and TGT Announce GTX 580 Beast 2 Graphics Card, Claim Top Spot

Darn ... €799 is quite a lot! Watercooling block looks nice, though.

Point of View and its associate TGT overclocking team announced what they claim to be the highest clocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 graphics card, the GTX 580 Beast 2. The team had, in December, announced the GTX 580 Beast, with clock speeds of 855/1710/4104 MHz (core/CUDA cores/memory effective). The new Beast 2 model features "unprecedented" clock speeds of 873 MHz core, 1746 MHz CUDA cores, and 4104 MHz memory. This, is claimed by its makers to be the highest-clocked GeForce GTX 580 graphics card. The card is kept cool by a full-coverage copper water-block made by Aqua Computer. Said to be already shipping, the Point of View TGT GeForce GTX 580 Beast 2 graphics card is priced at €799.

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