Additional details on Intel's Z68 and Patsburg models

Z68 and LGA2011 on track!

It didn't take long for additional details to make its way online about Intel's Z68 motherboards that we wrote about earlier today and now a slide detailing both models have appeared over at Xfastest which gives a lot more details than what we'd seen so far. It also gives us a few additional details of Intel's upcoming consumer focused Patsburg chipset models codenamed Siler and Thorsby that we wrote about a few weeks ago.

It's interesting that Intel has chosen to go with eight DIMMs, as this means two DIMMs per channel as the LGA-2011 Sandy Bridge-E processors use quad channel memory. However, as the memory controller will throttle the memory speed if you add more than one DIMM per channel, this seems like a bad move on a consumer motherboard as it could have a potential negative impact on the system performance. Pictures that leaked of a somewhat blurred out MSI board about a month ago showed that MSI had decided to go with only one DIMM per channel for a total of four DIMMs and we're not sure why Intel didn't do the same.

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