First raw footage from Argentinian Summit 2011 OC event

More information here: [OC-X-TV] Extreme Summit 2011


Argentina zabit says:

YHEA!! me Lumix Lz8 is excelent!! loooooooooool Congratulations Team!!!

kikicoco1334 says:

the one on the right is hot

Argentina Sweet says:

Little review of the event

Extreme Summit 2011

Here in Buenos Aires - Argentina, realize for the first time the "first contest Live of overclocking", between Teams of my country.

The excellent organization was responsibility of "Overclocking eXtreme TV." at Living Palermo.

Tsunamix(Jonathan) and nacho_arroyo (Nacho) with his staff.

Were more than four hours of competition of overclocking on Dice, tests were used for the competition were: SP32M, Pifast and WPrime 32.

The platform used and provided by the sponsor was:

Motherboards: Gigabyte chipset H55, mini ATX
Microprocessor: Core i5-655K, Batch Q
Hard Drive: Western Digital
Memory: Patriot

Participated in the competition seven teams:

Tòxico-pc Team
OverclockingArgentina Oc/Ar team
OCR Team
Tecno OC Team
High Definition Style Team
Omikròn Overclocking Team
Blue Wing Overclocking Team

Each team was represented by two guys, during the entire competition was a fight between HDS team and Tòxico-pc team., but in the end these last were left with the victory.

This was the tournament's final classification:

4-Tecno OC Team
5-Blue Wing Overclocking Team
7-Omikròn Overclocking Team

Congratulations to all participants, who have shown that overclocking can and must grow in our country.
Thanks also to Overclock eXtreme TV.nacho_arroyo and Tsunamix for the dedication, predisposition and outstanding effort for this event, organized by them, and has been an absolute success.

My congratulations to the winners of the tournament:
rhpsystems and John May

The second ranked team:
Emiliano and Rustiko

And a third:
Xtreme-23 and Warrior_oF_Byte

nacho_arroyo, also conducted a demonstration on overclocking with ln2.

And women were also attraction :D

We acknowledge the support and the presence of sponsors:

Intel Argentina: Thanks Martìn (old friend)

EVGA : Thanks Well Shen Lin (new friend and and excellent person) look at your stand...:eek:

Gigabyte Argentina: Gastòn (Vegetòn, my friend the face of Gigabyte here)

Patriot Memory

Thermaltake Argentina

Wester Digital Argentina

Local Strike

New Bytes (Matìas Iannicelli)

G&A Informàtica (Ariel, new friend)

and many other, Those who invest an Argentina and South America in order that we all could show and compete in the best level of the world.

For All: THANK YOU :)

Photography: Well Shen Lin (EVGA), and Deskrado ;)
Thanks Zabit (my friend) for lending us the video, is excellent. :)

Soon, more photos and videos official Tournament


Argentina zabit says:

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!!! KISSES!

Argentina nikofloyd says:

Keep Pushing Argentina and Toxico-Pc Overclocking Team!

Argentina Emiliano B says:

Congrats, mis felicitaciones.

Argentina Luis_Macias says:

Felicitaciones a todos los equipos!!!

Congratulations to all teams!!!

Argentina hersounds says:


United States Hondacity says:

nice to see very enthusiastic overclockers!!! grats to the winners guy kissing guy is weird though lOL

Argentina Sweet says:

[QUOTE=Hondacity]nice to see very enthusiastic overclockers!!!

grats to the winners

guy kissing guy is weird though lOL [/QUOTE]

Thanks Hondacity, is true , Argentina is the only country in the world where men greet each other with a kiss, I have a few years I'm from the era of hug and a handshake, but I had to get used to this change. :)

In the trips I have made have had many anecdotes about this kind of greeting so affectionate. :p

The Argentinians we are , friendly :p

Argentina rhpsystems says:

Thanks to everybody for your comments, was a nice summit with very good people. Our team win the challenge, but all of us win more friendship. See you next time.

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