Thuban Review: Mythbusting if OCing really reduces Efficiency

Very interesting results if you're looking for the ideal performance/watt ratio on Thuban.

First I would like to say this was a blast. Its the first time I ever saw a CPU run lower than 0.85v and see my Kill-a-watt meter hit 300W just from a cpu test (My typical system runs at 300W with the 4850 furmarking and the cpu linpacking).

The results, although are not perfect, show a pretty clear goal of the CPUs. As the system uses less and less power, the TDP becomes more apparent, and we notice how well the lower clocked variation do. While machines with performance parts and power draining parts have the higher TDP chips winning. It makes sense that there are so many desktop parts in the 65W to 125W range, its would be horrible to slap a 25W chip into a motherboard that drains 50W and think it can compete. I would love to try this again with an ITX board and IGP to see what the middle of the road nettop can do.

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