Intel to Start Shipping B3 Stepping Cougar Point Chipset from February 14

Loving it!

Intel seems to have fast-tracked its Cougar Point chipset flaw rectification. The silicon giant claims that it will be in a position to start shipping B3 stepping of Cougar Point chipsets (Intel P67, H67, etc,) from 14 February, to OEM partners. According to the latest PCN (product change notification), number 110456-00 dated 2/9/2011, Cougar Point B3 will carry the following changes and features:

* Revision ID will change from 04h to 05h
* BIOS Update (Revision 1.1.4 of the BIOS Specification Update and Reference Code)
* B3 stepping package is pin compatible with B2 stepping package
* Minor metal layer change from B2 to B3 improving lifetime wear out with no changes to functionality or design specifications

Of the above, the last bullet point affirms that the SATA 3 Gb/s port defect issue, which caused physical parts of the chipset to wear out abnormally fast, degrading performance, is resolved.

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