January's Busy Bees Record

I just went over the statistics of last month and discovered it was the bussiest month HWBOT has ever seen! No less than 1701 overclockers logged in on their account and submit one of the 17458 results we've stored in our database this month. History dictates it's not very common that this record is broken two months in a row, but if the trend of the first five days of February continues, we should see this month end up in the top-3. And, as we all know, that still gains us a silver or bronze Cup!

Congrats all!


Belgium Massman sagt:

Sweet stuff.

Also, almost 10+ results per person :D

France sam.v.60 sagt:

Congratulations to the team, more people, more than taf

Christian Ney sagt:

cause of sandy Biatch :D

United States Mikecdm sagt:

Christian Ney said: cause of sandy Biatch :D

Exactly what I was thinking.

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