Notice: Motherboards Based on Intel® 6 Series Chipsets

Taipei, Taiwan – February 1, 2011 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and other computing hardware solutions, today announced that GIGABYTE has been alerted by Intel about a 6 series chipset design error. GIGABYTE is working closely with Intel® to minimize the inconvenience to customers and retail stores with regard to related issues.


Greece zoro says:

"to minimize the inconvenience to customers" meaning what?

United States [GF]Duke says:


Belgium Massman says:

Interesting point of views from SemiAccurate:

Intel is very good at messaging this kind of thing, and the OEMs do appreciate it, even if it is, at times, bad news. The timelines given to the discovery and fix are again borderline ludicrous, with no really good explanation as to how things happened in almost magical time frames. This is the long way of saying the technical side doesn't add up either.

So why would Intel do this? The only explanation that is not only remotely plausible, but actually very likely, is to keep the stock price from tanking. Given how it was messaged, that mission was very nicely accomplished, with the stock closing down .07 from it's opening Monday morning.

The cost of doing things this way however are huge, costing literally hundreds of millions of dollars. How any company can manage their finances this irresponsibly is beyond me, such short term thinking may please Wall Street, but it only hurts more long term. Intel did the worst possible thing it could have today, I hope whoever had an upcoming stock sale feels it was worth the long term cost for the company.


Even more interesting is Sam's info over at OCX:

going to post my personal (skeptical, as usual) point of view with the info gathered from various insider sources...

Intel are surprisingly active with this recall business, they're almost forcing the distributors to stop 1155 sales of any kind. And not only are they trying to stop the board sales, but they also stopped shipping 1155 cpus and keep asking not to sell any more. Why? What if I am comfortable with the highlighted issues and still want a 1155 rig because of its performance? Could be for one of two reasons:

Either the flaw is more serious and they don't share full details about it...
Or, they have realised their marketing mistake by launching 1155 way too soon (remember, Intel were usually slow with their launches, good examples are 980/990X) and now are trying to ease it down a bit.

During January 2011, the i7-8x0/9x0 sales have dropped like stone to almost nil. And since Intel still have ****loads of 1156/1366 chips sitting at their warehouses which eventually they need to sell, they might have decided to pause the SB sales with this lame excuse. Still, I haven't seen a single complaint about it on the net from an actual user, also, not a single 1155 motherboard (out of 400+ sold) was returned to ALSO (wholesale) in Poland/Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia for the mentioned recall reasons.


zoro said: "to minimize the inconvenience to customers"
meaning what?

Making sure people don't start to hate the brand for something they can't do anything about.

Belgium Massman says:

For Intel to take this kind of recall is pretty huge. To be honest, I'm pretty sure they aren't being truely honest on the real reasons why they're recalling all these products. Maybe mainboards will have extra expensive with the revised B3 chipset? :D

United States SteveRo says:

I wonder what this means for the next SB chipset, was it Z67?

Belgium jmke says:

Z68 if I'm not mistaken?

United States Redwoodz says:

Yeah,throw me in with the skeptics on this one.I just have to believe Intel really pushed up the SB release,right at peak buying time.They are surely not telling the whole story.

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