ASRock Third Largest Motherboard Vendor

Underdog, low-end, and ASUS-spinoff are some of the terms commonly associated with ASRock. Unbeknownst to many, ASRock has climbed up to the spot of the third largest PC motherboard vendor in terms of sales volumes. In its rather surprising ascent, ASRock displaced MSI and ECS. In terms of annual sales figures, ASUS emerged as the highest grossing motherboard vendor with 21.6 million units sales in calendar year 2010, followed by Gigabyte with 18 million units. Although Gigabyte showed strong prospects in 2010, at one point even matching top rival ASUS in terms of sales, the company slipped by competitive pricing by ASUS. ASRock currently has about 75-80% of its motherboard shipments mid-range and high-end models with price points at around US$50. Despite the company selling motherboards with a rather cheap price, its gross margin was still able to maintain at above 18-19%. ASRock currently offers motherboards for both AMD and Intel platforms, in all market segments, value-thru-enthusiast.

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