White PCB not for subzero overclocker, matt-black is the best choice says hicookie!

What color my board has doesn't really matter. But ... it looks like someone has a board with the combination of white and orange. Now, that I want!

GIGABYTE labs undertake some interesting projects from time to time. One such project was to see what white PCB based OC boards would look like and if it would be worth making them in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Bottom line was that white PCB is not as good as mattblack for extreme overclockers. Here is more from hicookie on this matter (I left it unedited, you can read between the lines hehehe):

"White isn't the way for extreme ocer, also not easy to re-work or RMA repair. we use the best coating to make it keeps the oringinal color not turn to yellow or old under 85°C burning, but the matt-color is always better than white."

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