Meet Sami Mäkinen

An interview with overclocking Legend Macci

We have a treat for you today! We had the chance to speak to Sami Mäkinen, the multiple world record holder from AMD’s PR agency. Here’s what he has to say about the world of over-clocking and AMD’s latest processor.

Hi Sami, thanks for joining us. You’re a demi-god in the world of over-clocking. How does it feel to be a world record holder?

Thanks for inviting me. It’s always a great feeling to see a record score or MHz-barrier go down after countless hours of tweaking. Sounds very simple but you can get really addicted to the competitive benchmarking and overclocking. For me the goal was always to see how far a given CPU or GPU could be pushed. But, if I found out that someone else had managed to run the hardware faster or score higher I, of course, needed to improve my result. Overclocking world records and top scores are typically very temporary titles as the technology advances so quickly.

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