An Interview with Extreme Overclocker 'KINGPIN'

An interview many of you will read, I suppose!

Vince Lucido has just unpacked a brand new GeForce GTX 580. Eager to test out what the new graphics powerhouse can do, Lucido, better known as "K|NGP|N" (pronounced "kingpin"), preps to overclock the card but unknowingly uses the wrong-sized trimmer. An electric zap jets out of the card as smoke billows through the air. The GPU is fried. This just goes to show that even one of the world's premier hardware overclockers can make a rookie mistake.

Normally very meticulous about his craft, K|NGP|N has made quite a name for himself by being one of the pioneer overclockers to effectively use liquid nitrogen as a GPU cooling device. Having gone on to shatter numerous overclocking records as a result, hardware manufacturer EVGA has brought him on board to be their champion GPU representative. His experiences and expertise has allowed him to create a successful business where he now develops and sells his own innovative hardware cooling receptacles to fellow enthusiasts all around the world.

Despite his myriad accolades, K|NGP|N has stayed very down-to-earth and humble. While the man has received as much fame as a person can attain in one's profession, K|NGP|N isn't interested in any of the global glitz or glamour that his work has brought him. Not one to gloat about himself in the slightest, he would probably shrug these first few introductory paragraphs as nothing more than hyperbole. Regardless of his humility, it would certainly be an understatement to say that K|NGP|N knows his way around a graphics card.

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