GIGABYTE OC Orange Motherboard Sneak Peak

The board kind of reminds me of the Foxconn Renaissance board: link

One quick glimpse and it was gone. At the CES 2011 GIGABYTE Press Event, the company quite litterally flashed the audience with a sneak peak of a possible new itteration of its recent black PCB color change. Described as OC Orange for its vibrant orange expansion slot colour scheme, the board was developed in close partnership with OC Guru "hicookie", and is geared for the pure overclocker.

Expect this to be void of all distractions such as the upgraded audio and network cards seen on the G1-Killer series. It also gets rid of all but one PCI card, swapping them instead for four PCIe x16 slots.

The area around the CPU socket as all been completely cleared of any protusions, making it perfect for users with Dry Ice or LN2 Pots.

Expect to hear more about the nicknamed “OC Orange” board come Computex 2011 this spring.

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