MSI's R6970 Lightning and N580GTX Lightning sneak peek

I'm going to keep my Christmas tree another couple of weeks just so I can smile like a 5y-old when I see my favorite toy lying under it.

As of lately, MSI has gained a bit of fame with the graphics card overclocking community largely thanks to its N480GTX Lightning and we can now offer you a sneak peek at what MSI has coming next, namely the R6970 Lightning and N580GTX Lightning. Both boards use a much larger PCB than you normally get on a graphics card, akin to the N480GTX Lightning, but MSI has come up with a new cooling solution called Twin Frozr III which aesthetically looks much better than the older card.

Starting with the N580GTX Lightning it doesn't look like there are any huge changes to the PCB itself, although the new cooling solution does away with the red plastic in favour for a new gunmetal grey finish across most of the shroud. We can’t say if MSI has made any changes to the PCB, as we weren’t able to remove the cooler, although it appears that the rear metal “shielding” is gone and you’re now left with two rather than three power connectors.

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