HWBOT Server Upgrade: down between 17h-18h GMT+1

Just a quick/small news post to inform you that the HWBOT server will be undergoing a hardware upgrade this evening from 17h-18h GMT+1. If everything goes well, we'll be up and running before you notice.

We advise everyone to stay calm during this period. In case of panic, we advise you to contact the nearest community help center.

The HWBOT staff.


Belgium Massman says:

W00T, time off work!

Sweden Calathea says:

I've become addicted to hwbot. F5, F5, F5... :)

Austria Turrican says:

haha, i was "F5"ing all the time aswell. :D

Belgium richba5tard says:

Still formatting the new drives, we will need to reboot once that is done. Eta 15min

Germany burnHH says:

ahh, now is it clear, i was also pressing F5, F5...what the fuck, is it my internet or what?!

Belgium richba5tard says:

New drives are installed and running in raid 1. 2TB additional storage, w00t. :) Bad news is that the cooler for the additional cpu did not fit, so the additional calculation power will be added once the correct cooler has arrived (ETA: 2 weeks).

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