Koolance VID-LN2-V2 - dissapointment at first glance (literally)

Whuh ... anyone else tested this cooling pot? :-/

I've bought a Koolance VID-LN2-V2 pot trough one of the official german reseller as a reserve since I normaly use my old copper pots or LittleDevil's GFX-R1 unit, but I have never seen such a piss poor quality machining being done on any cooling unit. While the unit is perfect on the outside, the machining and coating quality on the inside are just sad. I believe the pictures speak for themselves. Metal shavings? No thanks.

Forgot to report back. I have tested it with acetone and dry ice and it's leaking! Acetone almost completely ate my lacquer insulation. Don't know about the LN2 just yet, I will test it in the following week as I have 295GTX dual-PCB here ready to go. Something tells me the end results will be much the same

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