T_M reporting screen corruption problems with Radeon HD 6970 under cold

Apparently, the HD 6970 is not doing all too well under cold. That's problem number two, after finding out there's hardly any software available to increase the clock frequencies to a decent level.

AMD, why?

Both Monteboy and I are suffering the same problems with 6970 cards subzero. For me, anything below 5C pot temp causes significant corruption to the point where the whole screen is fireworks. But it still benches and completes runs. In 2D the desktop is covered in small green dots. My card is modded with all the VRZone mods.

Can someone knowledgeable please hazard a guess as to the cause?

I have made a video showing Heaven DX11 running at temps from about -8C to +8C and you will see the corruptions suddenly disappearing around 5C

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