Zalman launches CPU and GPU power monitors

I must say, this looks like a nice gadget!

The Zalman ZM-VPM1 and ZM-PCM1 can slot into a modular 5.25in bay housing and provide at-a-glance monitoring of the power usage of either your graphics card or your CPU thanks to an on-board Flexible Numeric Display, or FND.

The GPU edition, the ZM-VPM1, is designed to read the power draw of up to two dedicated graphics cards via 6-pin or 8-pin passthrough connections, and can switch at the press of a button from its default display of wattage to either voltage or current.

The CPU edition, the ZM-PCM1, reads its data from the 4-pin ATX12V or 8-pin EPS12V dedicated CPU power connector, and again allows users to view live power draw statistics for their CPU. Users on dual-CPU systems will have to plump for a second ZM-PCM1, although the included 5.25-inch bay adapter supports any combination of up to three ZM-VPM1 or ZM-PCM1 monitors.

As dedicated passthrough monitors, there's no driver installation and their readouts will operate as soon as the system is powered on - giving overclockers an easy way to monitor component power draw during all portions of the boot cycle. Combined with a wall-level power monitoring device such as the ever-popular Kill-A-Watt, Zalman's latest creations offer an easy way to break down the power usage of your latest homebuilt rig.

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