HWBOT Research Lab - AMD Thuban Voltage and Temperature Scaling - Part 4

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France anvil says:

Interesting article. Any expectation on the clocks under Liquid Helium ?

Belgium Massman says:

I noticed that the temps were dropping by ~10°C at 5.8G 06, so it seems that the dragon f1 isn't capable of holding the load. The CPU still scales with temperature a lot, so I'd say at least 200 to 300MHz more on the same chip when going LHe. Leaky chips would be even better ...

France anvil says:

I read this morning that Pt1t reached 6.5 on the 1090T he tested. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1149052 I don't know if this chip is simply a Golden Sample or not, but this promises a lot for the future.

Belgium Massman says:

Well ... no. It's one thing to get a CPU-Z validation, but something totally different from having the six cores completely stable through a 3D benchmark. This chip can only do 5.5GHz Wprime 1024M iirc

France anvil says:

Yes you're right, didn't pay attention to that ;)

Chile X-treme_Rpm says:

Fine! amd is take advantage on your processors but intel has the leader

Hong Kong imamage says:

nice sharing !! I got similar result with my 1055T/1090T on air Thanks !

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

Great article Massman!It has a lot of info very helpfull. Thanks!

Poland Yotomeczek says:

Excellent analyze :) Great job!

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