HWBOT Memory Index v0.1

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Belgium Massman says:

While writing the article, I realized that there's still so much to research and add to this article. Normally this would've been a v1, but because of the (in my opinion) shortage of data, I've made it a v0.1.

Nevertheless, it's an example of the route we'll be taking for memory charts.

Let me know your thoughts!

Christian Ney says:


TaPaKaH says:

second chart, A-Data 80.2 is under Diablo 80.15

Belgium Massman says:

I've updated the chart + corrected link to page 2 :)

United States Voidn says:

Mmmm data. :thumbup:

Iran siavash_shojaee says:

tanx :-)

United States Hondacity says:

how do we generated the index? thru maxmem results? memory clock results?


HWBOT Memory Index = a x Avg(MHz) / [ (b x Avg(tCL)) + (c x Avg(tRCD))]

The second page has all the methodology that was used. :)

Belgium Massman says:

I hope to get the tests for the Clarkdale and Lynnfield processors done this week. I'll be adding the charts to the first page then. After that: mainboard rankings :)

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