October 15 Deadline for Pro OC Registration, OCUKPro Leading Season Final Round

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October 15 Deadline for Pro OC Registration, OCUKPro Leading Season Final Round

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

The registration period for every round of the Pro OC Cup is one month. Since the Q4 round kicked off on September 15, the deadline for registration is October 15. For those who are still contemplating participating in this round, note that registration consists of three steps :

  • Move to the Pro OC member category
  • Join a Pro OC Team
  • Have at least one submission for your team

If you fail one of the three requirements, you will not be able to participate in this round of the Pro OC Cup.

For this round, we welcome six new top overclockers. Steponz from USA, Gnidaol from Brazil, and no less than four(!) overclockers from Germany: BenchBros, Der8auer, Dancop, and Crazzzy85. Two members are currently still in the waiting room, Leeghoofd and OldScarface. Both moved to the Pro OC class, but have not chosen a team yet.

This round of the Pro OC Cup took off incredibly strong, with several top scores posted in the first week of the Cup. After almost a month, OCUKPro, the team of 8Pack and Hivizman, is in the lead. In all but one of the five stages, OCUKPro is top three. The current leading scores are,

In the Season Championship ranking the team of K|ngp|n, KPC Pro OC, still has a comfortable lead over the competition with 529 points and an impressive nine stage wins. KPC Pro OC #2 with Gunslinger as strongest force on the team, has a 40 point lead over United Overclockers. The battle between those teams should be interesting. On place 4 we find the ever so competitive Gyrock from Japan competing all by himself. It is impressive to say the least that a man can single-handedly take on so many teams. Dedication, hard work, passion, and no doubt top-notch skills are the part of that success. We will see Gyrock compete in the MSI MOA 2013 Grand Final later this month as well.

It cannot be a surprise then that Gyrock is also leading in the Pro OC MVP ranking. Gunslinger is second in that category, 8Pack from OCUKPro third.

Oh, a last note to make. Following the release of the new generation AMD graphics card, for the first time, we will have to look closer at the rules of updating the allowed hardware for the Cup. Following the discussion in an internal Pro OC thread, the current rules dictate that the list of allowed hardware may be updated until 1 month before the elimination takes place. The elimination is set two weeks before the end of a round. As the season final ends December 15, we will finalize the list of allowed hardware on November 1. So far, we have added the AMD Radeon R8 270X to the mainstream stage. Depending on when the NDA for the new R9 290 and R9290X lifts, the cards may or may not be added to that list.


Belgium Massman says:

Some good 'clocking there, nice!

Belgium Massman says:

So, did some calculations. In the situation where KPC Pro OC wins in the two stages they're #1 in right now and not compete in the other stages, KPC Pro OC #2 can win this season by being minimum top-3 in all five stages. Then it would win by one point :D United overclockers is also still in the game. Assuming the same situation with KPC Pro OC, and UO finishing top-3 everywhere they'd have three points more than KPC Pro OC.

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Shoot!! I forgot the deadline - better start benching now

Belgium leeghoofd says:

K Massman we need a rename of the OTH to MAD-HWI...

Belgium Massman says:

"mad-hwi" ?

Netherlands Oldscarface says:

Yes, it will be a fusion between "Mad"schrimps and HWI

Belgium Massman says:

Okay. You guys should join ASAP, deadline is very very close!

Netherlands Oldscarface says:

PJ, Leeghoofd and myself (Oldscarface) will join team OTH for now Could you please arrange that the name will be changed to Team Mad HWI

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Are we too late now or what, the join button is gone sigh... why no t include a counter, this is so weird...

United Kingdom HiVizMan says:

Think all you have to do is submit a score. On the main page of the Cup there is a section titled Participate open The third point of the section has a submit link, that is how you first join - or it was for me.

Belgium Massman says:

You participate if you joined a team that has a score. I'll fix things ...

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