Pro OC Recap: KPC Pro OC Wins Round 2, Round 3 (Season Final) To Start Today!

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Pro OC Recap: KPC Pro OC Wins Round 2, Round 3 (Season Final) To Start Today!

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Kingpincooling (“KPC”) is the home team of all-star overclockers K|ngp|n, NickShih, Christian Ney, Splave, and the now retired AndreYang. After winning the first round, KPC Pro OC was the favourite for round two. After a couple of weeks into the competition, the team took the lead. They never gave that lead up, although the UK OCUKPro came very close. KPC Pro OC #2, featuring Gunslinger as most active member, held the number two position for a long time. In the end, the team had to give up a podium spot to United Overclockers and OCUKPro. The Overclocking Knights came in fifth, only having four points more than the solo man from Japan Gyrock. In the current overall ranking, we see KPC Pro OC leading before United Overclockers and KPC Pro OC #2.

Pro OC Cup Round 2 Recap

SuperPI 32M

KPC Pro OC won the SuperPI 32M stage. With a score of four minutes 33.188 seconds (a world record!), AndreYang displayed his superior OC setup. With an 8 second lead over number two SF3D (United Overclockers), the win is well deserved. Note that the KPC Pro OC team had in fact two number one spots, as Splave also outscored SF3D. Very impressive! The top-10 of this stage managed to crank out a score faster than the 4 minute 50 second mark. They all rank in the top-20 SuperPI 32M global. A clear indication of the quality overclockers in the Pro OC Cup!

Full out Fire Strike Extreme

It comes to no surprise that the top Fire Strike Extreme score came from the lab of K|ngp|n. Taking down the world record once more, The King pushed his 4-Way GTX Titan rig as only above the 20k mark. It is not that the competition did not try. In fact, the top-7 of this stage features in the top-10 of the Fire Strike Extreme Hall of Fame!

Memory Clock

The memory clock stage was quite interesting – featuring a whole bunch of Hynix MFR memory and of course Haswell CPUs. The top-3 in this stage score over DDR3-4000, with NickShih (KPC Pro OC) coming out on top. He score third place in the overall memory clock rankings at HWBOT.

Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate stage was a little bit different from the rest of the competition, as the teams had to push a not-so-high end IGP through its paces. The stage turned out to be very interesting. OCUKPro outscored Gyrock by 123 points, taking the win with an IGP frequency well over 2GHz. This stage was of course dominated by the Haswell IGP, and required a strong extreme cooling memory kit to win.

3DMark06 Mainstream

In the 3DMark06 mainstream stage, the teams were only allowed to use a Core i5 or AMD CPUs combined with two Radeon HD 7870 or GTX 760 graphics cards. In the end, it was Giorgioprimo from United Overclockers who outscored AndreYang and 8 Pack (OCUKPro). The 50pts that come with first place, Giorgioprimo helped United Overclockers to jump to the second place in this round of the HWBOT Pro OC Cup.

Season Final: Round 3

The first season of the Pro OC Cup is ending. With two wins, KPC Pro OC is seemingly on their way to victory, although United Overclockers still has a chance. With teams ranked 4th to 8th within 50 points, this third round will no doubt be an interesting one. Who secures the podium spots? Who falls outside of the top 5? Who becomes the first Pro OC MVP? We will get answers to all those questions this round! The third Pro OC Cup runs from September 15 until December 15 12:00 GMT+0. Until October 15, Pro OC overclockers can register to participate in the Pro OC League. To register, simply submit one score (per team) before October 15 12:00. The first month of the competition is the transfer period: overclockers can create new teams, join existing ones, leave their current team, and even opt to quit Pro OC. After this registration period of one month, the teams and their line-up are fixed. There is no stepping back and no sudden stepping up to the game – if you are in, you is in. If you are out, you are out.

More information

  • Current Pro OC Rankings (overall + MVP): click
  • Pro OC Q3’13: click
  • Pro OC Q2’13: click

During the next three months, all teams can submit their results as they please. Two weeks before the end of the competition, on December 1 (12:00 GMT+0), an elimination takes place. Only the 10 best overclocking teams will be allowed to submit results in the last two weeks of the competition; for the rest the competition is over and the ranking will not change.

Just like the previous Pro OC Cup, the Q4’13 round consists of five different stages. The stages for this round are:

  • XTU Full Out (limited to single socket)
  • AMD SuperPI 32M
  • 3D11 Performance Mainstream (GTX760/HD7870 + Core i5 K/FX-series)
  • 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme Single GPU
  • 3DMark Vantage Performance Full Out

Each Pro OC Team can consist up to five members. The members linked to the Pro OC Team will no longer be participating in any of the other user leagues, excluding the Hardware Masters, for the duration of the Pro OC Cup. The members are not obliged to submit any results, so joining a team can be merely to point out you are part of the team. For example, if someone takes up the role as Team Manager, he or she may be responsible for finding sponsors but may never submit a single result. Once the Cup finishes, all members are free to stay with the team, leave it, or join another one. As each competition starts from scratch, moving from one team to the other will not affect the team’s ranking.

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