XTU Certification: General Information, Detailed Process, and Certified Products

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XTU Certification: General Information, Detailed Process, and Certified Products

XTU Certification – General Information

In the beginning of July, Intel released a new version of the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility (“XTU”) featuring HWBOT support. Along with a benchmark result, you can upload your system configuration profile online, and share your overclocking settings. In addition to the benchmark, XTU also offers the functionality to export and import these overclocking profiles. The main bottleneck for XTU profile sharing is the motherboard BIOS of your system. The BIOS has to support profile importing. If not, applied settings may not be set at boot.

On this page, we keep track of the various products that support XTU profile sharing. There are two types of report. For one, we have the official Intel XTU certification procedure. Two, we have the unofficial mainboard feature description. The details of the official certification procedure will appear online soon. In the meantime, you can rely on the unofficial list to check XTU feature compatibility.

Unofficial XTU Certification List

For the unofficial XTU certification we utilize a simple checklist-based procedure to document which XTU features are supported by the motherboard. Based on the checklist results, we provide a score in three segments: system information, at runtime overclocking, and bios profile compatibility. The scoring is very simple; for each item that is supported the product receives a +1. For each item that is not supported, the product receives +0. The segments represent the following feature support:

  • System information: XTU can provide correct information on the overclocking settings and system components
  • At runtime overclocking: XTU can be used to overclock the system at runtime (in the operating system)
  • Bios profile compability: XTU can be used to save OC settings directly to the BIOS

The checklist template can be viewed here:

  • Haswell Certification Worksheet: download.
  • Ivy Bridge-E Certification Worksheet: download

Completed Certification Procedure

Document N°Certification DateVendorProduct NameProduct TypeVerdictSIAROBPC
UCD-#H-528/12/13GIGABYTEZ87M-D3HDesktopMinimal Support27% (18/66)26% (17/57)27% (5/57)
UCD-#H-428/08/13GIGABYTEZ87X-OCDesktopMinimal Support38% (25/66)37% (21/57)9% (18/57)
UCD-#H-328/08/13BiostarZ87X 3DDesktopBasic Support75% (49/66)40% (23/57)37% (21/57)
UCD-#H-227/08/13ASRockZ87 ProfessionalDesktopBasic Support46% (30/65)40% (23/57)40% (23/57)

Certification In Progress

Certification N°VendorProduct NameProduct TypeCertification DocumentXTU Profiles (default/oc)
UCD-#H-13MSIZ87 MPowerDesktopN/AN/A
UCD-#H-10GIGABYTEG1.Sniper Z87DesktopN/AN/A
UCD-#H-7GIGABYTEG1.Sniper 5DesktopN/AN/A
UCD-#H-5GIGABYTEZ87M-D3HDesktopViewStock / OC
UCD-#H-3BiostarHi-Fi Z87X3DDesktopViewN/A
UCD-#H-2ASRockZ87 ProfessionalDesktopViewN/A
UCD-#H-1MSIZ87-GD65 GamingDesktopN/AN/A

Officially XTU Certified Products


Completed Certification Procedure

Certification N°Certification DateVendorProduct NameProduct TypeCertification DocumentXTU Profiles (default/oc)
– coming soon –

Certification In Progress

Certification N°VendorProduct NameProduct TypeCertification DocumentXTU Profiles (default/oc)
#3BiostarHi-Fi Z87X3DDesktopN/AN/A
#2ASRockZ87 ProfessionalDesktopN/AN/A
#1MSIZ87-GD65 GamingDesktopN/AN/A

Detailed Certification Process

The detailed certification process will appear online soon


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