Team Cup 2013 Epic Recap - Madshrimps (BE) Wins, Beats (CA) and Pure (US)

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Team Cup 2013 Epic Recap – Madshrimps (BE) Wins, Beats (CA) and Pure (US)

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

It has been two weeks since the HWBOT Team Cup 2013 closed and with the prize communication towards the competition main sponsor Cooler Master settled, it is time for a competition recap. In case you would not know, the Team Cup series is an online overclocking competition hosted by HWBOT and is designed with team spirit and cooperation in mind. Over the course of three months, the participating overclocking teams are challenged to compete in a wide range of benchmark stages. In this year’s edition of the cup, there were no less than thirty-four (34) stages. That comes down to roughly one score per two and a half days – certainly no task for a solo player. As the teams are dealing with a large quantity of stages, the best way to address this style of competition is by engaging your existing overclocking community as well as possibly getting new members on board.

Before we continue, HWBOT would like to congratulate all the teams and overclockers participating in this gigantic competition. With near 1500 results and 78 teams participating, this is one of the largest competitions we have hosted in our history. It is because of competitions like this we find the energy to continue this project. Thumbs up!

About the HWBOT Team Cup 2013 competition

The Team Cup is back! As announced in the report of the last edition of the Country Cup, from February 1 until May 1 HWBOT is hosting the second edition of the Team Cup. In case you do not remember, the last edition was won by, so they are obviously the big favourites for this edition as well. The main theme of the Team Cup 2013 revolves around high-end performance since the beginning of this millennium. We took the most high-end components available at every second year, starting from 2000, and build a competition around it featuring the benchmarks SuperPI 1M, 3DMark03 and 3DMark Vantage.

The competition format is a little bit different from last year. We have reduced the amount of sub-competitions and stages, but slightly increased the hardware complexity. Even more than last year, it is quite likely you will have to poke your active and inactive community members to help out or even recruit new members! In addition, the focus lies with older hardware and not so much the new gear. New this year is also the “Live Performance” stage, which is designed as incentive to go out and promote your overclocking team and its activities in the outside world.

For this competition, we are teaming up with new HWBOT partner Cooler Master for the prizes. Both Cooler Master and HWBOT wish all the participating teams the best of luck!

More information

For more information on the benchmark, hardware limitations and verification requirements, please refer to the specific competition pages.

Introducing Madshrimps Belgium OC Team – The Winners of HWBOT Team Cup 2013!

The Belgian overclocking team Madshrimps is certainly not an unknown name at HWBOT (or the overclocking community in general). Little known fact about the team is that it actually carries the team_id “1” in our precious HWBOT database. They have been around for a while, in other words, and even though the team has seen its share of members come and go, the core members have been sticking around for a long time. Last year, Madshrimps finished on the fourth place in the Team Cup and this year they were determined to do better.

The team from the land of chocolate, beer, fries, waffles and much more unhealthy yet delicious tummy joyfulness started off impressively. On March 11, we informed you about the Shrimps takeover of the number one position from and scoring the first 1,000-mark of the Cup. From the news posted on February 20 we know that had been at the top of the ranking for a while. Comparing the screen caps of the Team Cup ranking from the two news posts, we notice that Classicplatforms and dropped out of the top five in favour of the Canadian Hardware Canucks and the German Freeocen. The European team of OC-Team Europe made the biggest tumbling as the team dropped from fifth place on February 20 to eighteenth at the end of the competition. The Team Cup is a difficult competition that is for certain.

Looking at the team line-up of Madshrimps, we see two names returning: Gamer and Leeghoofd. Their statistics are very impressive: a combined 112 (60+52) results submitted in respectively twenty-two and nineteen of the 34 stages. In terms of sheer submission volume, the two are outdoing the rest of the participants by far. The third most active participants is Rasparthe from with ‘only’ 44 submissions. The rest of the submissions were made by three other team members: Oldscarface, FunSkilZZ and – yes, our own developer – Devroush. Caesar spoke the words “… horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae …”, and that statement seems still true today – about two thousand years later. Not only have the Belgae the two strongest submitters in their ranks, they are also the only team to have participated in all thirty-four stages! Brave, strong and courageous without any doubt as they not only faced an intensive overclocking campaign, but also the wives and girlfriends whom are unfortunately usually less than inspired by the Team Cup.

Focus On Interesting Results

With close to 1500 benchmark results submitted to the HWBOT Team Cup, the search for the most interesting overclocking achievement is definitely not easy. The simplest way to do so is assume one of HWBOT’s main principles is true: the more competition in a ranking, the more difficult it is to reach the top and therefore the higher the reward for a top position. Or simply said: the more hardware points, the more impressive a result. That is exactly what our search led us to. The result that received the most hardware points from our engine, based on the amount of competition and the position within the ranking, is I.nfraR.ed‘s SuperPi 1M of 9sec 844ms with the Phenom II X4 965 BE at 6925MHz. This score is currently ranked third in its hardware category.

The second most remarkable result from the Cup, at least according to our engine, is also from and AMD-based configuration. BeepBeep2 scored 9sec 875ms in SuperPi 1M score with the Phenom II X4 955 BE at 6899.9MHz. The third result in terms of highest hardware points is yet another SuperPi 1M score: Ice Angel with his 29sec 485ms result using an Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Northwood (133 FSB) clocked at 4950MHz.

Another set of interesting results:

LinkScorePoints (rank)User
click9sec 844ms with Phenom II X4 965 BE at 6925MHz 33.1 (#3)I.nfraR.ed
click9sec 875ms with Phenom II X4 955 BE at 6899.9MHz24.2 (#6)BeepBeep2
click29sec 485ms with Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Northwood (133 FSB) at 4950MHz 23.4 (#1)Ice Angel
click9sec 906ms with Intel Core 2 E6600 (2.4Ghz) at 5105MHz23.4 (#29)Moose83
click43491 marks with 2x Radeon HD 5870 at 1080/1335MHz 23.2 (#9)zupernico
click10sec 47ms with Intel Core 2 E6600 (2.4Ghz) at 5025.8MHz 22.6 (#44)Don_Dan
click28711 marks with Radeon HD 5870 at 1100/1400MHz 22.5 (#36)Berchorange
click34179 marks with GeForce GTX 57022.2 (#7)Arne Saknussemm
click61221 marks with GeForce 8800 GTX21.9 (#39)Gamer
click28564 marks with Radeon HD 5870 at 1110/1280MHz 21.9 (#44)Dancop
click15774 marks with Radeon HD 5770 at 1090/1450MHz 21.9 (#24)Berchorange
click1min 20sec 426ms with Intel Pentium 3 1.0Ghz EB s370 at 1615MHz 21.2 (#1)Gigioracing
click6sec 422ms with Intel Core i7 Extreme 980X at 6300MHz 19.9 (#37)Gamer
click480972 marks with GeForce GTX 480 at 880/985MHz 19.5 (#10)FunSkilZZ
click200416 marks with Radeon HD 7970 at 1629/1831MHz 18.4 (#42)FtW
click32100 marks with GeForce GTX 570 at 950/1100MHz 18.4 (#26)Ximi
click12sec 969ms with Intel Core 2 E6400 (2.13Ghz) at 4304.2MHz 18.2 (#45)varachio
click199662 marks with Radeon HD 7970 at 1550/1800MHz17.8 (#46)Gamer
click10sec 797ms with Intel Core 2 E6600 (2.4Ghz) at 4703.6MHz 17.6 (#135)ivanov
click163669 marks with GeForce GTX 580 at 1353/1100MHz 17.1 (#80)8 Pack

Focus on Stage 4 – Live Overclocking

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of this year’s Team Cup was the fourth sub-competition. For this stage, the challenge for overclockers was not to achieve the highest possible score in the controlled environment of their own home, but go out and spread the word on overclocking. Since it was the first time we included a “live performance” stage in an online competition, we were very lenient in terms of validating results. The most important aspect of the stage was to show overclocking to people who are not usually involved with this extreme hobby. All you had to do to collect a minimum of 25 points was demonstrate overclocking to non-overclocking people. Easy enough?

When we say this stage is controversial, it is because of the messages we found in the forum topic. To quote Rasparthe (

“I do like the idea of this stage but I don’t think it has a place in a major competition like this. Perhaps on its own as a non-point stage for prizes or something but in its current form it is a failure. Only seven teams actually put up scores in the stage and some teams not even for both sub stages, that is less than 10% participation rate. By including this stage, it effectively eliminates from the competition any team that is not able to organize, cannot afford, or is not geographically situated to put on an event for the stage. Again, we respect the idea of the stage and what was trying to be accomplished by it, but to eliminate 90% of the teams based on something that does not have to do with overclocking skill/hardware/ability does not seem the greatest idea. Just my two cents, on this stage now that it’s over.”

In all honestly, we understand the concern and reason of complaint. In HWBOT’s defence, we just want to give enough incentive for people to go out and show overclocking. For us, awarding points is the simplest way to encourage people to do so. The most difficult aspect of the incentive is ensuring it is balanced in a way it will not skew the final results, but still is a good incentive for teams to take advantage of it. In this Cup, two of the thirty-four stages were reserved for the live performance, meaning 1/16 or 6,25% of the points. This type of stage is not about overclocking skill, hardware or ability. It is more about overclocking effort and spirit, two aspects of overclocking that rarely are rewarded. In any case, we are very happy with the feedback and will take it into consideration for the next time!

Aside from the complaints, we were very pleased with the outcome of this unique stage. No less than eleven videos were uploaded! Agreed, not all of the videos were one hundred percent according to the rules, but as said before we were lenient with the approval. Underneath three of the most interesting videos:

HWBOT Team Cup 2013 – The Statistics

The HWBOT Team Cup 2013 featured 78 teams this year – more than 100 if we include the removed submissions – and each of the teams had a great run. As much as the Cup is designed to inspire teams to engage their communities, most of the teams have to deal with very strict constraints time-, member and hardware wise. Given the size of this competition, it is very difficult to highlight each team’s best result or achievement, so instead we are providing you as selection of overview tables with the most interesting information. If you would like to see additional statistics of the Cup, feel free to let us know in the forums.

The Most -insert-

Most Active User (results)Gamer60
Most Active User (stages)Dead Things29
Most Active Team (results)Overclock.net154
Most Active Team (results)Madshrimps Belgium OC Team34
Most Active Country (results)United States229
Most Active Country (stages)Belgium34
Most Stage Wins (user)Gamer8
Most Stage Wins (team)Madshrimps Belgium OC Team12
Most Stage Wins (country)Belgium12
Most Hardware Records (user)I.nfraR.ed6
Most Hardware Records (team)XTREME OC Team Bulgaria6
Most Hardware Records (country)Germany9
Most Hardware top-5 (user)I.nfraR.ed11
Most Hardware top-5 (team)Madshrimps Belgium OC Team & Overclock.net6
Most Hardware top-5 (country)Germany26

The Stage Winners

SC1: 1M ChallengeOverallBelgiumMadshrimps Belgium OC Team – 517 ptsBulgariaXTREME OC Team Bulgaria – 423 ptsGermanyAwardFabrik – 421 pts
2000: CoppermineitHwMaster OC Team ItalyruTeam RussiabeMadshrimps Belgium OC Team
2000: Thunderbirdbg XTREME OC Team Bulgaria de AwardFabrikde Freeocen/Aquatuning Team
2002: Northwoodde AwardFabrikid Indonesiapl Team
2002: Thoroughbredbg XTREME OC Team Bulgaria de AwardFabrikpl Team
2004: Clawhammer, Winchesterbg XTREME OC Team Bulgaria  PUREde Freeocen/Aquatuning Team
2004: Gallatin, Prescott (non-64 bit)be Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde Freeocen/Aquatuning Teamde AwardFabrik
2006: Brisbane (G1), Egypt, Italy, Orleans (F2), Windsor, Santa Ana (F2), Santa Rosa (F2)bg XTREME OC Team Bulgaria  PUREde AwardFabrik
2006: Conroe (B2), Kentsfield (B3)us XtremeSystemsde AwardFabrikbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team
2008: Agena, Kuma, Tolimanbg XTREME OC Team Bulgaria us Overclockers.combe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team
2008: Bloomfield (C0/C1)ca Overclock.netbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team PURE
2010: Deneb, Thuban, Zosmabg XTREME OC Team Bulgaria us XtremeSystemsde Freeocen/Aquatuning Team
2010: Gulftownbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamca PURE
2012: Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-Ede PC Games Hardwarebe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamca
2012: Llano, Trinity, Bulldozer, Piledriver PUREbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde Freeocen/Aquatuning Team
SC2: 3DMark03 Single GPU Historical BattleOverallBelgiumMadshrimps Belgium OC Team – 296 ptsGermanyAwardFabrik – 236 pts – 233 pts
2000: Coppermine vs Thunderbirdbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde Freeocen/Aquatuning Teamde AwardFabrik
2002: Northwood vs Thoroughbredbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde Freeocen/Aquatuning Teamde AwardFabrik
2004: Prescott vs Clawhammerde AwardFabrikpl Teampl United Team of Poland
2006: Conroe vs Windsorde AwardFabrikbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde Freeocen/Aquatuning Team
2008: Bloomfield vs Agena (C0/C1)be Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde PC Games Hardwareca
2010: Gulftown vs Denebca Overclock.netbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team  PURE
2012: Ivy Bridge vs Piledriverit HW Legend OCca Overclock.netbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team
HWBOT Team Cup 2013 – SC3: Vantage Full-outOverallBelgiumMadshrimps Belgium OC Team – 489 – 408 ptsPURE – 365 pts
2002: Northwoodpl Teambe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamit HwMaster OC Team Italy
2004: Clawhammer, Winchesterca Hardware Canuckspl Teambe  Madshrimps Belgium OC Team
2004: Gallatin, Prescott (non-64 bit)be Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamde Freeocen/Aquatuning Teamca
2006: Brisbane (G1), Egypt, Italy, Orleans (F2), Windsor, Santa Ana (F2), Santa Rosa (F2)ca Hardware Canucksbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team PURE
2006: Conroe (B2), Kentsfield (B3)be Madshrimps Belgium OC Teampl Teamca
2008: Agena, Kuma, Tolimanbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamca Hardware Canucks PURE
2008: Bloomfield (C0/C1)be Madshrimps Belgium OC Team PUREpl Team
2010: Deneb, Thuban, Zosmabe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamca PURE
2010: Gulftownca Overclock.netbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Team PURE
2012: Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-Eca Overclock.nethu 3Dmarkillers PURE
2012: Llano, Trinity, Bulldozer, Piledriverbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamca PURE
HWBOT Team Cup 2013 – SC4: “Live Performance”OverallBelgium Madshrimps Belgium OC Team – 90 Indonesia – 80 ptsPURE – 80 pts
Aquamark3pl Teambe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamid Indonesia
CPU-Z CPU Frequency PUREbe Madshrimps Belgium OC Teamid Indonesia

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